3 Activities that Make Life Easier in Watch Dogs

Posted by on May 29, 2014

Watch Dogs 3

Watch Dogs has been out for a few days now, and you’re likely pretty familiar with how the game works and what aspects of the game you enjoy most. There may even be some of you who have already finished the game and traded it in at Gamestop.

For those who are still new to Watch Dogs and are looking for ways to better the experience, here are 3 activities you can do that will make life easier for you in the game.

1. Hack into all the ctOS Control Centres. In Watch Dogs, the ctOS is the system that controls all the electrical infrastructure in Chicago. Each of the six districts has it’s own Control Centre that runs the infrastructure for that district. During the campaign, you will be guided through the process of hacking into one of the Control Centres and uploading a virus through a “back door” to gain access to the data. After that, it’s up to you to visit the remaining Control Centres to gain access to the respective districts. Why is this important? You will need to be connected to ctOS in a district to have access to much of the infrastructure and insight into the lives of the people in that district (which allows you to complete side missions and hack ATM accounts for additional money).

ctOS Control Center

2. Hack into all the ctOS towers. Once you’ve gained access to a district through the Control Centre, you can now hack into the ctOS towers spread across the district. When you hack one of these towers, you have access to more information about the district, including hidden areas, collectable items, side missions, etc. For the most part, ctOS towers are easier to hack than Control Centres, as they are often left unguarded. It will take a little camera-hacking skill to unlock the necessary doors to get in, but once you’ve hacked a couple, you’ll be a pro.


3. Complete side missions. The greatest joy of open-world sandbox games comes from the freedom a player has to do whatever he or she wants. In Watch Dogs, side missions are a great way to earn extra cash and XP, and to unlock additional guns, cars and other items that will help you through the game. The XP is extremely important because it helps you gain skill points, which you can spend on new hacking, driving, combat and crafting unlocks. The more you unlock, the more skills and tools are at your disposal. I highly recommend you complete the “Open Your World” mission (which happens in the middle of Act 1), as doing so will make quite a few skill tree unlock options available.


There you have it! If you take a little time to complete these activities, your experience will be much better in the game. One note about the side missions: you don’t have to finish them all before continuing on in the campaign. But I highly recommend you take time to complete some side missions between each campaign mission to increase your skills and tools.

What do you think of these recommendations? Do you have additional recommendations to help players have a better Watch Dogs experience? Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page!


Photos from Brooks P. Weaver, Watch Dogs Wiki, Ubisoft and Watch Dogs Wiki.

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